Data & Analytics
Data & Analytics
We support governments to build, implement, and use powerful data systems.
Powerful data systems help governments to identify what is working and what is not. To drive transformational change, governments must be able to identify and understand the challenges on the ground. We use our consulting and technological expertise to support governments to design, implement, and use custom-made data systems. Our data systems produce powerful information which helps leaders and officials to manage better.

Deciding what should be measured and how

Building data collection systems and software

Developing mechanisms to assure quality data

Creating action-orientated reports and dashboards

Coaching on the use and application of data

Improving existing systems

Implementation Support
Implementation Support
We provide hands-on support to help governments implement health and education reforms.
Most governments have no shortage of plans and aspirations. The challenge comes in successfully implementing these plans. We apply our expertise to support governments with the hard work of implementation. We deliver a set of approaches, tools, and guidelines which help governments improve implementation. Used well, delivery can support governments to achieve rapid and transformational improvements in their systems.

Engaging political leadership

Problem solving to get to the bottom of challenges and identify solutions

Building and integrating data systems

Using, analyzing and disseminating data

Identifying what is working, and spreading good practices to other parts of the system

Capacity building to improve the skills of officials at all levels

Resolving conflicts or challenges that arise during implementation

Establishing and maintaining routines to review progress and solve problems as they arise

Leadership & Management
Leadership & Management
We design and deliver leadership and management interventions to improve performance and enable leaders.
Effective leadership and management can dramatically improve outcomes. We have developed proprietary leadership training and development modules which can be rolled out across health and education systems. Our programmes are tailored to the local context to ensure impact and behaviour change. Acasus consultants and experts support the programmes from design to implementation.

Proprietary leadership and development programs

Application of international best practices for leadership and development

Support throughout the entire process; design, pilot, rollout, follow-up

Monitoring to ensure impact

Tailored programs to meet the needs of individual systems

School Improvement
School Improvement
Our approach focuses on delivering improved learning outcomes that quickly increase literacy and numeracy.
Our transformation program improves learning, streamlines management systems, and ensures long-term sustainability. We also help school owners and prospective school owners build or acquire new schools. We utilize our network of experienced school operators and education experts to develop a tailored solution for you. Our programs help governments, corporate chains, NGOs, religious chains, large individual schools and international schools.

Tailoring international best practices to local context

Improving management systems

Analyzing financial systems

Improving system coordination and integration

Enhancing data systems

Delivering technological upgrades

Training programs to upskill and increase staff capacity

Leadership and management mentoring

Software Engineering
Software Engineering
We work with governments to deploy web and mobile software solutions to enhance their ability to make dramatic improvements in health and education.
Our team of expert engineers, designers and consultants develop customised software to leverage the power of technology in support of reforms. Our software systems help governments to rapidly deliver health and education reforms. Some recent examples include mobile applications to coordinate vaccine delivery, a suite of learning applications to help children learn basic skills, a school infrastructure and pedagogical monitoring system.

Designing systems to improve coordination and integration

Developing custom web and mobile softwares

Developing simple and easy-to-use dashboards

Brainstorming on ideas and scope

Building and iterating on prototypes

Piloting and rolling out new systems

Monitoring and updating new and existing systems

Strategy Development
Strategy Development
Our strategies help governments to achieve better outcomes from available resources.
Our strategies help governments to achieve better outcomes from available resources. Our approach combines rigorous prioritization to stay focused on the most impactful areas, developing and sharing insights about what works, careful consideration of political economy and stakeholders, designing processes to iterate and refine the strategy during implementation, and building sustainability mechanisms.

Health system reform

Education system reform

Data system development

Feasibility analysis and development

Sustainability analysis and development

Value for money analysis and development

Funding analysis and development

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