Acasus is a consultancy dedicated to helping governments implement transformational reforms in education and health.

We provide teams who work alongside government officials to implement ambitious reforms of school and health systems.

We aim to deliver results on the ground within two years. We do this by helping leaders in government to manage and implement better.

Our teams include highly skilled individuals with a wide range of experiences, including expertise in school and health system reform and experience at the world’s leading international consultancies and other professional organizations. Our teams have experience of working in more than fifty countries.

Using mobile technology to rapidly improve schools & health facilities

Mobile technology can play a vital role in rapid and effective improvements of schools and health facilities. Many governments face challenges about how best to improve the performance of their schools and health facilities. Using mobile and web technology, the public sector answer these needs, at scale.

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Smartphones and educational technology opportunities

Hundreds of millions of children in emerging markets do not have access to high-quality education. Increasing access to powerful smartphones provides interesting opportunities to increase learning and access to information. In this article we use Colombia to illustrate the broader potential of mobile phones to power learning.

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Nomadic communities and immunisation

The World Health Organisation prioritises immunisation due to its cost effective ability to save lives. Global vaccination coverage has stalled at 86% with no notable change in the past year. One of the hardest types of community to serve are nomadic peoples. We’ve researched an array of expert and academic literature and identified 5 best-practices to address the unique challenges of serving these groups.

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Strategy development

Education & health reform
Public private partnerships
Financial systems

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Implementation support    

Building capacity
Establishing routines
Solving problems

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Data and analytics

Monitoring system design
Monitoring system implementation
Analytics & dashboards

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Leadership and management

Leadership development strategies
Leadership coaching
Leadership programmes

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Software System Development

Mobile Learning applications
Mobile monitoring applications
Training applications

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School improvement services

Improve learning outcomes
Improve management systems
Improve financial performance