Acasus is a consultancy dedicated to helping governments implement transformational reforms in health and education.

We provide teams who work alongside government officials to implement ambitious reforms of school and health systems. We aim to deliver results on the ground within two years by helping government leaders to implement and manage better. Our teams include highly skilled individuals with a wide range of experiences, including expertise in school and health system reform and experience at the world’s leading international consultancies and professional organisations. Our team members have experience of working in more than fifty countries.

Our support includes
  • Planning and developing improvement strategies
  • Using data and other information to monitor progress and understand what works and what to do
  • Building capacity and skills throughout the system
  • Improving coordination and cooperation between different parts of government and other stakeholders
  • Solving problems and challenges as they arise
  • Understanding and removing barriers to improvement
  • Accessing international evidence and lessons about what works

Examples of our work include:
  • Supporting the implementation of multiple major health system reforms in South Asia
  • Supporting health reforms in three large African countries
  • Supporting the implementation of a major education reform in South America, working with the ministry to plan interventions, strengthen monitoring, and accelerate implementation
  • A review of efforts to support girls' Education in Northern Nigeria
  • A project to design market-based interventions to support the diagnosis of HIV in young children
  • Support to an education system in the Middle East
  • A project to develop a plan to increase primary enrolment for a South Asian country
  • A review of the international donor landscape
  • A project to analyse potential interventions to improve the leadership and management of immunisation systems
  • Support to a major school reform programme in Pakistan
  • Research into the features of effective school systems in low-cost settings, published as The Learning Challenge
  • Development of advice on Public-Private Partnerships for a national school system in South East Asia
  • Development of a strategy to improve effectiveness in public financial management in local government
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