We’re excited to be expanding our web and mobile engineering teams in Cyprus!

Our web and mobile engineers work on projects ranging from expanding vaccination coverage to infrastructure monitoring that helps build schools.  You can learn more about these projects here.

No matter how exciting the opportunity, we understand the process for joining a new team can be daunting! To make joining less intimidating we’ve prepared the following guide to help explain the 4 steps for joining Acasus’s engineering team.



The first step is a quick 15 minute phone conversation to assess if Acasus is a good fit for you.  This phone conversation will consist of basic questions regarding your current employment and position you’re interested in. If it looks like we have a position that will meet your expectations, we will set up a meeting with our Head of Technology.

  • Do we have a position on our team that would meet your expectations and experience?
  • When would you be able to start working with Acasus?
  • Which stream (web or mobile) is the most interesting?


In the second step we set up a meeting with our Head of Technology, Joseph, either in person or online.

This conversation focuses on understanding the next step in your career and getting a deeper understanding of your experience. Joseph normally focuses on the areas that interest you and how you would like to grow with Acasus.

We also take this opportunity to answer any questions you might have about Acasus and the work that we do.

  • What are the next steps in your career?
  • What have you done in the past to solve challenges when they’ve arisen?
  • What questions do you have about Acasus?


The next step is to choose an open-source project, find an issue that particularly interests you, and fix it.

There is no time limit - whether you finish in one day or one week is entirely up to you.

Your code will need to be submitted as a pull request to the project. Our developers will assess the quality of the solution and its complexity. Successfully completing this penultimate step will lead to a team talk.

"At the core of Acasus is a mission to find solvable problems and help provide the solution. In some ways this step is a technical version of our core mission. Can you identify an issue in an open-source project and fix it?"

This procedure is designed to let you work at your own pace and let you demonstrate what you believe are your strongest skills, while contributing back to the open-source community.

  • Can you find an interesting challenge in an open-source project and help solve it?
  • What strategy would you take to help solve new, unexpected technical challenges?


The final step is meeting our lead engineer, Dragos and at least one additional member of your future team. We believe in involving everyone at Acasus in the process for helping with team expansion. These conversations are an excellent opportunity to ask any remaining team or technical-focused questions. From our side we would like to hear more about the solution you provided in the previous task.

  • What was the reason for choosing that particular open source project and issue?
  • What made this challenge interesting for you?
  • How would you evaluate people interested in joining our team?

Excited? Apply here!

About the Author(s) 

Amelia Rubiś joined the team as Recruitment Associate, with her experience and understanding of the IT world she oversees our recruitment processes.