91% of the world’s children are in school. That’s more children than at any other point in human history.

Yet, only 37% will achieve a basic level of learning.

The good news is that for the first time in history, we know what to do about it.

We need fewer but better teachers, ensuring that we attract the right people to teaching.


Structures which empower people, hold them accountable and encourage collaboration.


Effective school leadership, because achievement almost never exceeds the quality of management.


Investment in building teachers’ professional knowledge and skills.


High standards for performance and consistent monitoring of progress.


Continuous challenging of inequity.

In simpler terms, building a successful school system comes down to three main things:
Good teachers
Skilled leadership
Effective monitoring
Acasus specialises in helping governments and leaders apply this knowledge to target their specific challenges.
Empowering school leaders in Peru
Acasus worked with government officials to transform a first cohort of principals from school administrators into school leaders.
140,000 children from poor families in Punjab were enrolled onto a voucher scheme enabling them to attend low-cost private schools - entirely free at the point of use.
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Acasus leverages the transformational power of technology to improve learning by developing custom application software.
To help Saudi students prepare for Qiyas, a university entry exam, Acasus developed a tailored application that tested students using questions and exercises based on the real exam. It became the country’s most downloaded education application for Android.
AcasusData for iOS, Android and web helps decision-makers collect pinpoint data from the field to drive effective reform.
Ten years from now, two futures are possible.

In one future, millions of children never get the education they need to seize life's opportunities. In the other, the promise of a quality education for all truly becomes a reality.

In 'The Learning Challenge' Acasus founder, Fenton Whelan, tackles this global challenge.

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Strengthening school leadership to improve education in Peru
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