School Improvement
Almost all of the world’s children are in school, but are they really learning?


Our transformation program improves learning, streamlines management systems, and ensures long-term sustainability.  We also help school owners and prospective school owners build or acquire new schools. We utilise our network of experienced school operators and education experts to develop a tailored solution for you. Our programmes help governments, corporate chains, NGOs, religious chains, large individual schools and international schools.

Our school improvement support includes
  • Tailoring international best practices to local context
  • Improving management systems
  • Analysing financial systems
  • Improving system coordination and integration
  • Enhancing data systems
  • Delivering technological upgrades
  • Training programmes to upskill and increase staff capacity
  • Leadership and management mentoring
The power of granular data systems
By Will Anderson | 08 August 2018
How granular data monitoring systems provide a platform for better decision making.
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The Learning Challenge
By Fenton Whelan | 08 April 2014
Almost all of the world’s children are in school, but more than half are learning very little. For the first time in human history, we know..
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Lessons Learned: How good policies produce better schools
By Fenton Whelan | 01 July 2013
An emerging science of how to improve schools is emerging. This book summarizes what we know so far about how to improve schools.
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