dedicated to improving the delivery of health services in Pakistan
by Amelia Rubis | 21 August 2019

About Acasus

We work in small teams which support the most senior officials in government (typically at ministerial or prime-ministerial level) to drive rapid reforms. Much of our day-to-day work involves helping officials to:

  • Plan and develop strategies

  • Monitor progress

  • Use data and other information

  • Build capacity and skills throughout the system

  • Improve coordination and cooperation

  • Solve problems and challenges as they arise

  • Access international evidence and lessons about what works

Our project teams include a mix of experienced consultants from leading international consultancies (McKinsey, Oliver Wyman, Roland Berger and others) and highly talented locally-hired staff. Our success depends on being able to attract good people and provide them with high quality professional development.

Context & Impact

Acasus has been engaging in health and education reforms since 2013. The Pakistan team achieved the fastest increase in vaccination coverage ever recorded — improving coverage of life-saving child vaccines across the Punjab province from around 50% to 90% in just two years. Our expanding team in the Democratic Republic of Congo is working hand in hand with the Ministry of Health to improve nationwide availability of basic vaccines; results are already proving very positive. In Peru the team aided the Ministry of Education with crucial reforms to refine teacher performance and consequently helped increase students’ academic results.

To date our work in Pakistan has already been highly successful, with the team achieving a number of highly impactful quick wins. We are expanding our team, looking for undergraduates or postgraduates with none or up to 5 years of working experience to assist in delivering our existing projects.

Role​ in Brief

Based in Lahore, as an Associate you will support officials at central and provincial levels to implement a customised version of our reform model, which involves strengthening & analysing data that will enable rapid action to improve health outcomes and save lives.

You will help build on the existing insights, excitement and engagement to strengthen the health system at a national level and improve overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Successful Candidates must Demonstrate

  • Excellent problem solving skills

  • Strong drive and motivation

  • Highly developed interpersonal skills

  • Good communication skills

  • Interest in social issues

  • Motivation to join our organization

Prior experience and interest in the social sector is desirable but not essential.

The ​Reward

  • Competitive compensation package

  • High degrees of responsibility and autonomy

  • The opportunity to drive an impactful set of reforms

  • Opportunities for further international travel with future projects

How to apply

If this excites you, fill out the form available under this link: Pakistan Associate Recruitment Form.

We are waiting for submissions until 11:59pm Pakistan time September 17th (Tuesday). All submissions uploaded after that time will not be taken into consideration.

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