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From consulting to software engineering, at Acasus we look for people who are excited to be part of a team at the forefront of the global challenge to improve the health and education of millions.
"I am closely connected to the impact of our strategies. Before joining Acasus, I was working on interesting projects, however we rarely got to see the impact of the work."
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Senior Associate & Project Manager in Africa, South Asia and South America
Associate & Project Manager in Nigeria
Associate & Project Manager in Chad
Project Analyst in Democratic Republic of the Congo
Associate Consultant in Democratic Republic of the Congo
Researcher in Switzerland
Global Consulting Project Manager in Switzerland
"Acasus is a great place to learn and experiment with new technologies. Engineers aren’t limited by labels and get the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and skills."
We are not looking for any engineers right now. Leave your details in the blue box below, so we can get back to you in the future.
Help governments help people

Work with senior government officials and international partners to dramatically improve health and education outcomes. Design and implement new systems using high quality customized software products for the success of projects.

We are seeking individuals who possess the following key qualities:

Excellent problem-solving skills

Passion, drive and motivation

Genuine interest in social issues

Excitement to join our organization

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