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We use mobile and web technology to improve the education and health of the world's poorest children.

Acasus works to improve education and health for people worldwide. We work with governments to create and implement ambitious health and education reforms using data analytics and innovative technologies. 

Our projects span a growing number of locations including Pakistan, Peru, the Philippines and various parts of Africa.

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Acasus develops monitoring systems to improve immunisation coverage. Mobile applications allow governments to better manage and monitor immunization systems. These improvements in turn have led to increases in immunization coverage which have saved thousands of lives.



Infrastructure monitoring


Acasus is developing a series of infrastructure monitoring applications to help ensure that new schools get built in rural areas. The applications allow teams of monitors to report on the progress of school building projects. 

We are also building applications for parents and local community leaders to report on the school construction projects in their communities. These projects will result in better schools for tens of thousands of children.

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Infrastructure app

Learning applications

Learning applications

Acasus develops learning applications which help children master basic literacy and numeracy and prepare for exams. These applications run on a wide range of Android devices.  

The experience is also optimized to help kids learn by intelligently presenting topics where learners face challenges. These applications are currently being made available to millions of children worldwide. 

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Work with an international team of committed colleagues on projects with impact. We offer remote work once a week and an unlimited vacation policy.

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