How We help
Our services help governments and other organizations to make transformational improvements in public health and education systems. We offer a range of services focusing on strategy development, implementation support, data and analytics, improving leadership and management, software system development and school improvement services.

Strategy Development

We help governments and other organisations develop strategies for improvement. Our approach focuses on developing insights about what works, rigorous prioritisation to stay focused, careful consideration of political economy and stakeholders, and designing processes to iterate and refine the strategy during implementation.

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Implementation Support

We provide teams who work alongside government officials to implement ambitious reforms of education and health systems. Our teams include highly skilled individuals with a wide range of experiences, including expertise in school and health system reform and experience at the world’s leading international consultancies and professional organizations. Our projects typically aim to produce significant improvements in performance in under two years.

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Data & Analytics

We apply our consulting and technological expertise to support governments to design, implement and use custom-made data systems. Our data systems produce powerful information which empowers leaders and officials to manage better. Recent examples include school monitoring systems in Pakistan and Peru and a vaccinator tracking app to monitor immunisation activity.

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Leadership & Management

Our expert teams deliver leadership and management training programmes which improve the capacity and capability of management teams. Our leadership and management programmes are tailor-made and tested by expert advisors using international best practices. Many of the programmes have a strong focus on training leaders and managers on how to use data to make better management decisions. 


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Software System Development

Our team of engineers and designers develop innovative web and mobile applications which enhance governments and other organisations ability to make dramatic improvements in public health and education. Some recent examples include mobile applications to coordinate vaccine delivery, a school infrastructure and pedagogical monitoring system and a suite of learning applications to help children learn basic skills.


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School Improvement

We help school owners and leaders transform their schools by improving three critical areas; learning outcomes, operational efficiency, and financial performance. Our transformation program improves learning, streamlines management systems, and ensures long-term sustainability. We also help school owners and prospective school owners to build or acquire new schools. We utilise our network of experienced school operators and education experts to develop a tailored solution for you. We help governments, corporate chains, NGOs, religious chains, large individual schools and international schools.


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See how our teams
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By Will Anderson & Daniela Amura | 30 August 2018
All that is required is a vaccine, vaccinator and beneficiaries, combining these elements is the challenge.
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Setting a New Pace: How Punjab, Pakistan achieved unprecedented improvements in public health outcomes
By Fenton Whelan & Will Anderson | 11 April 2018
Big wins for public health in Punjab, Pakistan.
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Public Health
Independent monitoring dramatically improved health facilities in Punjab, Pakistan
By Fenton Whelan | 08 March 2018
How an independent monitoring team helped transform the Government’s ability to rapidly improve health facilities.
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