We support governments in all aspects of planning and implementing reforms

Examples of our work during 2015 include the following.

Improving immunisation coverage in Punjab

Acasus supported the government of Punjab to improve vaccination coverage, with dramatic results.

As a result of the work, DPT3 immunization coverage in Punjab (at age 12 months) increased from 64-86% over the course of 2015.


The work included:

  • Launching an android-based tracking system to monitor vaccinator activity and community coverage
  • Strengthening data systems, monitoring and reporting
  • Coaching and training managers throughout the system
  • Engaging political leaders to help drive progress
  • Improving management and planning at all levels of the system
  • Vaccination picture

    Improving schools in Peru

    Acasus supported the government of Peru to launch a program to improve the performance of schools.

    A new monitoring system has been launched, with targets set to improve student attendance, teacher attendance and the availability of learning materials.

    Peru - picture

    The work included:

  • Designing the monitoring system
  • Setting targets for improvement, linked to financial incentives
  • Establishing a routine of stocktakes to review progress and make decision
  • Identifying best practices which local government can apply to reach the targets
  • Coaching and training the staff engaged in driving the effort
  • Planning a future wave of efforts focused on quality
  • Full results of the interventions are expected in November 2015.

    Strengthening data systems in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

    Acasus supported the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to strengthen data systems and drive reform

    As a result of using reliable data collected by Independent Monitoring Unit, staff presence in BHUs improved by 12% in just two months.

    KP - Progress

    The work included:

  • Supporting implementation the data collection system
  • Analyzing data for key indicators of service delivery
  • Implementing performance evaluation tools for Divisional monitoring officers
  • Establishing provincial and district level routines to take actions
  • Developing feedback mechanism for service providers.
  • Results of monitoring on other indicators are expected in November 2015

    Improving skilled birth attendance in Punjab

    Acasus supported the government of Punjab to rapidly drive up facility deliveries and reduce maternal deaths.

    As a result, the number of deliveries in primary care facilities is increasing by more than 3,000 every month.

    The work included:

  • Identifying more than 700 primary care facilities to be upgraded to 24/7 services
  • Understanding the practices and messages required to encourage mothers to deliver in facilities
  • Building stronger links between community health workers and facilities
  • Strengthening data systems, management and accountability
  • Engaging political leaders to help drive progress
  • A household survey in December 2015 will provide confirmation of changes in overall skilled birth attendance.